MEDIA RELEASE – February 28th 2012

Seeing the Future

Local charity Wirral Society for Blind and Partially Sighted People are putting funding they’ve received to good use.

The society received £2,280 from Your Wirral, a fund administered by Wirral Council and Wirral Partnership Homes.

Your Wirral supplies funding to community and voluntary groups across Wirral for one off projects or events.

WSBPS provides blind and partially-sighted people with opportunities that they would otherwise have difficulty accessing. This can include offering technical support like low vision and daily reading aids, help and advice with accessing benefits or application forms, and running fun and educational events.

The society is using Your Wirral funding to support the ‘Seeing to the Future’ project, offering blind and partially sighted people the chance to learn practical skills that can then be applied to a business enterprise model.

Lynne Sedgwick, Development Officer at WSBPS explained “We run classes in textile design and pottery alongside sessions that teach our participants how to use low vision software to set up and run a business.

“The aim of the project is to inspire service users to not only create their own items, but to learn how to market them as well. In this way we hope to make the project self-supporting.

“It’s all about encouraging self-sufficiency and confidence to try new things and be enterprising.”

Cllr Jean Stapleton, Cabinet Member for Community and Customer Engagement added: “Your Wirral is there for local groups who need a little bit more financial support to help them roll out important projects. There are so many examples of initiatives like this across Wirral that make a positive difference to people’s lives every day.”